rootless - international women artist group

Von 2018 bis 2022 Mitkünstlerin der international women artist group rootless

Network of international women artists exploring the diversity of life through art.

Through our individual creativity we develop ways or forms of art which connect us to each other. Using the female perspective we explore the diversity and the unifying commonalities of the theme of “rootless“


Anne Bendig (Germany)
Belinda di Keck (Germany/Spain)
Phyllis Doyon (USA)
  Nahzi Tabrizi (Iran)  
Ursula Gallenkamp    (Germany)
Dorothea Heger (Germany)
Ulli Meta  (USA)
Mariana Peirano (Argentina)
Anu Subramanian (India)

more information you will find on our homepage  HERE or in our virtual galleries

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